About Me


I’m calling this site “Inside Broom Closet” because you can put all kinds of things in there even if they have nothing to do with sweeping! Of course, Broom is also my last name.

I’m an organizational psychologist and in January my work with a significant clien came to an end. That left me with time on my hands and a whole in my budget. So I built a plan to use the internet to attract new clients and generate income from online courses and blogging.

Started reading up on how to write more powerfully and dynamically (See James Dowd’s work on Medium). I think it’s working! My writing is clearer, simpler, and stronger now. I had no idea improving it would be so easy.

Surprising myself, I committed to writing at least one if not two blogs a day: one personal for this blog, “The Broom Closet” and a professional blog for my Center for Human Systems. Both will be posted on Medium and LinkedIn as well and mentioned via Facebook and Twitter.

My first blog for the Broom Closet was “The Power of Black,” is an ironic piece about how conflicted we are about that word and the experiences it engenders. Thoroughly enjoyed writing it!  Hope you enjoy reading it.

I was concerned that I wouldn’t have enough to write about for “The Broom Closet.” Turns out I have plenty from my passion for practical spirituality, my political views, my adventures sewing, cycling, scuba diving, and taking underwater photographs. I will write about my personal journey from shy-guy to professionally-acclaimed, black man and occasionally share some of my professional articles. I’ve surprised myself at how well rounded I am!

My professional blog at CHumanS.com (Center for Human Systems) is all about leadership, organization development, managing change, and conflict resolution. Making organizations work better is crucial given how much we are impacted by them. My 40 years of experience consulting and teaching gives me plenty of content for that. Check it out sometime!

I hope you will find my work interesting and compelling. Visit often and offer lots of feedback.

Thanks for reading!


Michael F. Broom, Ph.D.