The Last Hoorah of the Dominant White Male?

That Donald Trump succeeded to become president of the United has been troublesome and appalling. His bigotry and rudeness seem like throw-backs to the era when entitled white men often acted that way toward those who disagreed with them or those they saw as less than they. 

This happening is this day and age reminds me of the struggles that a major religious organization experienced back in the 1990s. There was a serious push by the older white males to turn back the clock and prohibit women from senior leadership roles. They lobbied vituperatively for their cause as the year’s general conference approached. Important policy leadership positions were at stake. They promised fire and brimstone if their old ways were not restored. They lost.

I saw that as a last-ditch effort of those white men to regain the sense of hegemony they once had. More and more women and people of all colors were ascending into senior roles. The progressive zeitgeist of the ‘90s was too strong to allow them victory.

In 2016, Donald Trump was elected president of the United States of America. The working-class saw him—the epitome of the entitled white male—as their savior. A throwback to the days when white male captains-of-industry provided employment (and poor working conditions) for many. As unfortunate as the choice of Trump may have been, a silver lining may be emerging.

Barack Obama struggled through congresses that had put behind them the virtues of compromise. How he squeaked the Affordable Care Act through a divided Senate was a miracle. Partisan conflict had become the rule. Then along came Donald Trump. He fared no better. The standoffs continued even though the Republicans owned a majority in both houses during his first two years. 

In his third year his arrogance and his ignorance caught up with him. He obstinately championed a $5 billion-dollar wall that only his ego and his remaining die-hard fans wanted. He refused to fund the government to get want he wanted. The government shut down for 34 days before he relented with a promise to shut it down again unless he got what he wanted.

The result has been a bipartisan compromise offering him just 20% of his $5 million. He is likely to accept or damage his credibility further. Let’s hope this rebirth of congressional cooperation over major issues will take hold. 

Will this be the last hoorah of the dominating white male? We’ll see. Regardless, we know who not to vote for in 2020.

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